Our Mission

Your body is a TEMPL.

It is our mission to inspire and empower our community to work towards their fitness goals in a non-judgemental, motivational, and supportive environment.

Your Templ. has potential.

You bring it. We train it.

About us

Templ. Fitness offers an effective 50 minute HIIT workout that focuses on proper Technique, improving Endurance, increasing Mobility, enhancing Power, and applying fitness into Lifestyle. With programs rotating each day, you’ll never get bored, but you will always be challenged and sweaty! We let technology guide and support our workouts, so our coaches are 100% focused on you. You’ll gain the benefits and technical teachings of personal training, but experience the support and motivation from our community.

You create the goal, TEMPL. creates the journey! No matter the fitness level, be prepared to be motivated, challenged but most of all, supported through each session with our awesome coaches and support team!

Be a part of our community that will truly support and uplift you through each challenge and goal.